Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Penalty of $7,500 Against Operator of Open Dump Imposed by IL Pollution Control Board

On March 18th, the Illinois Pollution Control Board imposed a penalty on an administrative citation filed in County of Ogle v. Haan, No. AC 10-16, which dealt with the Mt. Morris Estates Trailer Park in Ogle County, Illinois.

The County alleged that the defendant, who operated the trailer park, violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act by causing or allowing open dumping resulting in litter, open burning and deposition of construction or demolition debris.

To contest an administrative citation, a defendant must file a petition with the Pollution Control Board no later than 35 days after being served with the administrative citation. If the defendant fails to do so, the Pollution Control Board must find that the defendant committed the violations alleged and impose the corresponding civil penalty.

Because the defendant failed to file a petition with the Pollution Control Board, the Board found that the defendant committed the alleged violations and imposed a $7,500 penalty.

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