Sunday, April 25, 2010

Developer to Pay $8,000 to Settle Alleged Water Pollution Violations

On April 15th, the Illinois Pollution Control Board accepted the settlement in People v. Andalusia Ventures, LLC, No. PCB 09-75, which concerned the defendant's residential housing development, known as Fancy Creek Crossing, located at 101st Street West and Andalusia Road (Route 92) in Andalusia, Rock County, Illinois.

The State alleged that the defendant violated the Illinois Environmental Protection Act, beginning in 2006 through at least July 2009, by discharging sediment of other than natural origin into a receiving stream, thereby causing or threatening to cause water pollution, and by failing to submit accurate incidents of noncompliance letters and reports, and failing to have on site storm water pollution prevention plan and rainfall reports.

Under the terms of the settlement, the defendant admits the alleged violations and agrees to pay a civil penalty of $8,000.

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