Sunday, October 25, 2009

"Green" Gas Station in Deerfield

Recently, the Chicago Tribune reported on a "green" gas station.  According to the article, the station earned green certifications from the Green Business League and the village of Deerfield.

The station features energy-saving motion sensors on the light switches and tap faucets, as well as a 52-gallon barrel near the gas pumps to collect rainwater runoff from the overhead canopy.  It also uses energy-efficient light bulbs, has foliage and evergreens, and uses nontoxic cleaning products.  A thermostat that regulates after-hours temperatures has been installed.

Congratulations to the owner of this station for all of his efforts.

Stay tuned to the Illinois Environmental Law Blog for more news and developments.


  1. Do they offer any alternative fuel options?

  2. The article did not say whether the station offers any alternative fuel options. I also checked the website of the station (, but there was no mention of its fuel offerings. Many gas stations are offering alternative fuels, so I would not be surprised if this one does.