Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Healthy" House in Long Grove

There has been a lot of talk in the news about "green" construction.  But most of the discussions deal with commercial buildings.
A recent article in the Chicago Tribune reported on a house that was built by Dior Builders according to the Health House Builder Program sponsored by the American Lung Association.  A "healthy" home has the following components: foundation waterproofing and moisture control; advanced framing techniques; air sealing and advanced insulation techniques; energy efficient, high performance windows; energy efficient and sealed combustion appliances; high efficiency air filtration; whole house ventilation; humidity control; and carefully selected and reviewed interior finishes.

According to the brochure, this 7,500 square-foot luxury home in Long Grove "showcases sustainable technology with a focus on air quality, locally sourced materials, water conservation and energy efficient technology. This home is ENERGYSTAR® certified."

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  1. Wow, the house is gorgeous! I'd be interested to see what it would cost to build a 3300 to 3500 sq ft healthy house. Might be worth the money you save in medical bills alone!

  2. It really does seem like a great house.